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Bottom Line Counseling Solutions

Bottom Line Counseling Solutions.


Maydean Yates - Psychotherapist

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 The Challenge


Client wanted a new website for her new venture. She had a bad experience with her pervious developer.When she came to me, she was very frustrated, she had no clue about how and what it takes to build a website, also she was on limited budget, she had so many questions. Her content / images were not ready as well.

 The Solution


Being a professional and also having passion for designing websites, I spent time with the client to understand her problems and what are her expectations and her business. After understanding everything, I explained her what all it will take to achieve her goal and what are the impediments. I elicited the requirements for the website design, being very patient in the process and delivered her the website (which she loved a lot) in timely manner. Also helped her with graphics for the website.

Final product after release.Very happy client

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